Is my stuff Secure?

Our facility is fully fenced with a locked gate. Each unit is sealed and locked with the owners own lock of choosing. The facility is fully lit at night, and we have a 24 hour surveillance system. 
All this combines to give you piece of mind that your stuff is kept safe in our facility.

Do I need contents insurance?

Typically the items that you are storing will not be covered by your home insurance. You will need specific contents insurance for the items you are storing. You are responsible for the security, and well being of all your contents. They should be checked regularly for added peace of mind. Please contact any insurance company to inquire about content and liability insurance.

Do we offer any guarantees or warranties?

We guarantee that we will provide you with the best service we can. We are a self storage facility, which means we do not have someone on site at all times, but we do have someone check on the place regularly. We have security measures in place, and can access our camera's remotely as well. Our gate is locked and able to be opened 24/7. We ask that any deficiencies be reported to us immediately as we can not see into rented units, if a problem is reported we will deal with it in a timely manor to help protect your belongings. Similar to other property rentals, you are responsible for your belongings and purchasing contents insurance.